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  • SOL Full Pattern Leather
  • SOL Full Pattern Leather

SOL Full Pattern Leather

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Beautiful and unique woven bag entirely handmade in Tenangan, a village in Bali. This bag is perfect to carry the essentials when there's no need to wear a bulky handbag. Light and stylish, it's perfect for this summer.

This is the new version of the classic SOL bag and features a full woven pattern in both sides of the bag. It also has a leather clasp and leather strap and it's fully lined with a gorgeous batik fabric.

On the production of this bag, smoked bamboo is used to give strength to the piece, so it might appear some scent for a while.

Measures :
20 cm diameter
55 cm leather strap

* Please note that this bag is handmade, so no two bags are alike and the measure might vary from one to another

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