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Maxi Tan




New season , new colors. Let me introduce you to the new Maxi Tan, a versatile tone you can wear day and night, everywhere. The python leather is so soft to the touch that you won't stop wearing it ( at least, this is what happens to me since I added this clutch to my collection ).

As always, this piece is entirely handmade of genuine python skin leather and it's totally a limited edition. Just a few pieces available !!

Measures: 20 cm heigh x 35 cm length x 1,5 cm width. These measures make this model very convenient as it can fits all your personal belongings plus your ipad , your book or any working stuff.

BONUS : pair this clutch with winter whites to create a stunning look !  

Please , note that due to the artisanal dyeing procedures, the colors may vary from the pictures. They might be a bit darker or lighter. Don't hesitate to ask for pictures if you want to see the exact color of the pieces in stock at the moment.

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