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Shipping :

In Singapore, orders will arrive within 48 hours once the order is placed.
For countries in the EU, orders will arrive in 10 to 14 working days.

Asian Countries , delivery time is approximately 8 working days.
Other countries, delivery time is approximately 11 to 14 working days.

* Please kindly note that the deadlines shown are for guidance only and are approximate. We are not responsible for any delay on customs or at post office. We do always provide a tracking number so you can easily track your order anytime.

**If you need express shipping, please, contact us at


Returns :


We double check each item in order to assure the maximum quality of your our products. As stated in ' Care of leather items ', the natural appearance of the python skin is not' perfect ' and natural variations are usual , so they are not imperfections or defects of the leather, it's just natural. The same variation might occur with the color as they've been hand dyed using traditional techniques.

Nevertheless ,  as we want you to have a great shopping experience, feel free to return your item if you're not completely satisfied once you receive your order. Just notify it emailing us ( and then,follow these steps :

1 - Deadline for returns is 14 days after you have received your purchase.

2 - The product must be returned in the same condition and package as you have received it.

3 - Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

4 - Once we have receive the item in perfect condition, we will refund the total amount in the same card where your order was placed.

*** We won't refund any lost or damaged parcel as we are NOT responsible of that. If you wish an insurance for your order, just let us know and we kindly inform you abut the options.


CARE OF LEATHER : Python Snake Skin & Exotic Skins

Python skin handbags, boots and shoes require proper care. Python skin is known for its elasticity, strength and its beauty will only become greater as the piece ages. One of the rewards of properly taking care of a python skin item is to extend the life and get more enjoyment out of this unique skin.

Do not wear your snake skin shoes in the rain! Wet-weather or dirty terrain may cause dyes to run, resulting in water damage to the snake skin, as dyed snake finishes are not weather proof.

Do care for your treated snake skin item by wiping surface dirt using a damp cloth in direction of the scales. Brush off any excess dirt with a soft bristled brush, careful not to lift the scales. Condition your snake skin with an exotic leather conditioner (Lanolin based is best) specifically for exotic skins.

Do apply silicone water repellent; this helps to maintain the original look and prevents drying out.

Please note: All exotic skins are treated with different dyes to obtain different effects and colours. With some finishes the dye will not be sealed, instead the skin will have a more natural, raw or muted look. Snake skin scales are also prone to ‘lifting’ as they are fine scales of natural variation, texture and grain.





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