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Posted: Jul 03 2013

Nothing better than spread our love all around the world ! And this is exactly what we feel when nice retailers contact us to sell our designs in their shops as we do believe that our models look much better in person, so the costumers are able to touch the soft and delicate leather and see the vibrant colors at close range. We would like to welcome the new comers in order to inform you if there's any shop near you selling Saveén bags ;)

So today we would like to welcome The Finch. A fabulous shop in Grünwald ( Munich ), where you can find our Les Essentiels python clutch collection in a wide array of colors . And no worries, if you don't find the color you've been looking for, we will send it out immediately.


And now, let's fly from Munich to the UK ! There you will find our products at Logonstyle; a luxury shop where you will find amazing woman apparel perfectly paired with our python clutches. So if you are looking for a stunning and luxury outfit, don't miss their online store. We are already in love with a few dresses !




                                                                               SEE YOU THERE !!

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