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Balinese textiles

Posted: Apr 27 2013

Whether it's for holidays or because of business; either way, the fact is that I've been visiting the island of Bali a few times for a while now and I feel absolutely lucky for that. It's not because of the beaches, surf or sun. It's because of the culture, the friendly local people, the art, the food…

If you've been there then you know what I'm talking about. One of the things that caught my eyes from the very beginning were the absolutely amazing handicrafts. Seriously, everything is beautiful and worths a post, but today I would like to introduce you the batik hand painted textiles. Silk and cotton are the usual fabrics and you can find several patterns to choose from , but my favorites by far are the ones from Quarzia, an italian brand based in the island where you can find these beauties…

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